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Aroma Box - Metal Air Freshener

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Key Features & Benefits

Enjoy a beautiful scent every time you open your car door with this metal-air freshener. It easily removes odors and creates a pleasant fragrance for the interior of your car. Our metal car freshener is small, portable, and easy to use wherever you need it. Fill it with scented wooden balls that are saturated in Jasmine fragrance. This car air freshener attaches with automotive-specific adhesive so that it can be used anywhere you like for a fresh, pleasant scent. Air blows through the inside out, leaving a pleasant and light aroma for your drive. The scent released from the wood beads is subtle, not overpowering, thus works perfectly in small spaces like your vehicle. Choose from 3 color options to coordinate with your interior. Its elegant design is modern and discreet; passengers will only notice the beautiful aroma.
  • Car specific adhesive is reusable
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Clears the air and adds light scent
  • Sleek style for use on any surface
  • 20mm high x 60mm diameter
  • Aluminum alloy design
  • Available in black, red, or grey
Adjustable Airflow

Adjustable Airflow

Our metallic air freshener comes with adjustable airflow control. This checks the rate of diffusion and helps your aroma box last longer. With this adjustable control, you can also eliminate odors very fast.

Includes Extras

Includes Extras

We provide extra scent bags for our aroma box to ensure you get the best of our products. This allows you to have a backup and ensure your car smell remains nice and refreshing.

Last for 21 Days

Last for 21 Days

Our aroma box has unique metallic quality with long-lasting scent bags. You can be assured of three full weeks of uninterrupted freshness at a moderate and constant airflow.

Minimal Design

Minimal Design

Our aroma boxes are crafted to conserve space and yet provide the best quality of scents. With an intentional minimalistic structure, it is not too conspicuous but will serve you effectively for a long period.


Customer Reviews

5/5 Based on 63 reviews
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It was exactly what was advertised and expected! Good seller!!!
Raynard Thorley
SHOCKED by the quality! Absolutely beautiful.. and for the price?! Couldn't be happier. Just ordered the bracelet as well and will likely get another set of the car. Amazing value!! They're well-made, heavy duty, and really pretty. The pocket clasp is magnetic and the part that fits over the vents is rubbery. Super impressed! Even if the scent doesn't last long, I don't mind keeping a bottle of essential oil in the vehicle for refills.
Joy Broughton
Excellent customer service!
I have bought 3 sets of these, and keep buying them as gifts! I recently bought a set and one of the clips did not shut properly. So I reached out to the seller, as they had written to me to thank me for my purchase. I spoke with Nancy and she was very apologetic, and offered to send me a replacement right away! I received the new one quickly and it works perfectly. So not only are these much better and prettier than any chemical ridden air fresheners but their customer service is extraordinary as well. I love these clips and will continue to buy them!!
It was exactly what was advertised and expected! Good seller!!!
Surprisingly good
These work shockingly well. I was honestly surprised.
Harry Flakes
Well made
These are tiny and well made. The event I used may not have been the correct one, or I needed to put more oil on the felt, just haven't gotten that far yet. These would also make amazing gifts!
Very well made
It feels very well made. All metal. And it's really cute. It fits nicely in the air vent of my car, and is not impossible to take out (like most vent air fresheners I've tried).
Krishnesh Pujari
Very impressed! Heavy steel, worth it.
Happy customer
Well made
Seems to be made very well and should last. Very subtle decoration in my car.
Reymark Fusedio
Great feel and look
I was pleasently surprised with the craftsmanship of this item and it looks fantastic
Kyta White
It works
I wanted something for my dashboard that looked cool this definitely does the job
Peter Chicchetti
Good product, good metal quality, waiting to see it work in the car
Kendra Smoochy
AMAZING product
Perfect size for car super cute and holds scent very well. I recommend lighter scents if car gets warm.
Very elegant look
Very elegant and fir perfect on in my cars AC shaft
Chris Kenyon
Looks great
I found these online and love the pretty design.
Play Through
Very nice product
They are heavy, hasn?t tarnished and stays in place on the car vents and very easy on the eye to look at.
Gerry Czubinsky
Exactly as described
These are well made, work exactly as described and I would recommend.
Great Quality
The quality and craftsmanship are great and satisfying.
Chris Kenyon
Great Quality
The quality and craftsmanship are great and satisfying. Very nice looking on the vent.
Love how they look, and work !
Love how they hold the smell of esential oil. I will need to put more drops on them about every 3 weeks.