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Key Features & Benefits

Deter theft and protect your car with a sturdy car cover cable lock. Designed to attach through the center of a Coverland car cover, this 3-digit padlock & cable system will ensure no one gets a look under the cover. Vinyl coated to withstand the elements, the 2.2M cable will not scratch the surface of your car. Keep your cover from being stolen or blown away in the wind with his easy-to-use car cover lock. Includes 1 lock, 1 cable, and instructions
  • 2.2M length vinyl coated cable
  • Deters theft
  • Safe to use on car surfaces
Vinyl Coated Steel Cable

Vinyl Coated Steel Cable

Our cables are made from Vinyl Coated Steel, giving it various unique qualities compared to other products. This Vinyl coating provides insulation and protection against abrasion, corrosion, and moisture.

Full Metal Padlock

Full Metal Padlock

We provide a full metal padlock to offer total protection for your belongings. This helps provide a secure hold and prevents any loss. Its metallic component helps it withstand constant use and ensures durability.

Theft Deterrent

Theft Deterrent

You can be assured of the safety of your properties with our quality locks and cables. The strength of the steel cables helps protect against any form of theft; all you have to do is ensure it is firmly fixed.

2.2 Meters of Cable Length

2.2 Meters of Cable Length

Our Vinyl steel cable is 2.2 meters in length; it can wind around your car cover to ensure a secure and firm hold. This length, alongside the strength of the cable, helps offer full protection against theft.


Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Based on 36 reviews
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Lucy Vandolp
Very nice
Very nice and lock cover to prevent damage is a perfect function
Kerry Nori
Perfect fit!
Great fit! And the front and rear built/sewn in straps are perfect to keep it in place.
Placed on a 2008 Dodge Charger.
Perfect for a car cover
This product is great for my car cover. Obviously, it provides minimal security in the face of someone determined to access my vehicle with the proper tools, but it works for my circumstances.
Gladys Shana
Ample sizing Honda crv and wire
Ample in size for a Honda cover. It covers the wheels. The wire securing can be locked w a padlock to prevent theft. Its alway about how long these last. This is a 3rd cover, all have last 2 -3 years no snow. This cover costs more but so far is better.
Great quality product.
This is exactly what I need to keep the thieves
From taking my car cover!!
Leonel Freeland
Works as advertized
This cable and lock kit does what it is advertized to do, and does not oversell itself. In my case, between the gathers around the edge of the car cover itself and this cable and lock, the cover says on firmly even in windy conditions. For security, it prevents someone from just walking away with the car cover, ensuring that someone who wants to steal the cover would have to go to at least some effort to remove it.
Excellent in every category
Lock to cover down on my car
Batang Hamog
Great Lock
Easy to use.
Meghanun Mills
Does the job of elemental securing of my car cover
Laurentino D.
Great lock for car covers
Much better quality than the lock/cable that came with my car cover. I only wish the lock itself was heftier and weatherproof.
Does the job of elemental securing of my car cover
B B.
compact cable
Easy to lock and store
Wisdom & Wit (sometimes)
I feel secure
My car cover has not been stolen
Jessie and James
The cable is covered.
The cable is covered with a strong plastic coating and will not scratch what your locking.
Jorge Freewell
Good quality
it looks good quality. Easy to store, easy to use
The lock works very well.
Great for the price This lock works well.
Came with the lock
Pretty good value
Gelay F.
Actually the lock is much better than the picture
I can tell it looks great so far, lock is much larger than the picture.
Black poop
Does the job of elemental securing of my car cover
Arnold Jorge
Good product
Small nice look and easy to use