Contoured Seat Cushion - Gray

Contoured Seat Cushion - Gray

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Key Features & Benefits

Finally, a Car Seat Cushion that offers superior comfort and the right amount of lumbar support to relieve your aching back and spine. Great for use in the car, this seat cushion can also be used on an office chair for comfort all day long. Made of premium memory foam that is supportive, this car seat cushion conforms to your body perfectly to provide support and promote proper spinal alignment. This cushion is engineered to relieve chronic or acute pain. Orthopedic doctors recommend this product because it alleviates pressure in strategic areas. The unique U shape of this auto cushion helps relieve symptoms of arthritis, sciatica, sciatic nerve pain, low back pain, lumbar pain, tailbone discomfort, hip and spine pains, sores, and much more for a comfortable ride no matter the destination. Lightweight and easy to transport as needed, this car seat cushion measures 18.25in x 14in x 2.75in to provide comfort and support for short commutes or long hauls.
  • Upholstered in durable and soft fabric
  • Measures 18.25in x 14in x 2.75in
  • Breathable design
  • U-shape for the ultimate in support and comfort
  • Available in black or gray
  • Weight 570 grams
Soft Velvet Fabric

Soft Velvet Fabric

Our contoured seat cushion is made from fleecy velvet fabric for quality comfort. This material makes our seat cushions stand out because it improves posture and ease while you’re driving.

100% Machine Washable

Ergonomic Memory Foam

The foam of our seat cushion is made from top-notch memory foam that becomes custom-fit to your body shape with time. It uses your body structure to determine the most comfortable shape for you.

Improve Posture

Helps Back and Hip Related Problems

This black cushion seat helps relieve back pains and problems. The soft and firm foam helps gradually correct hip issues by gently restructuring your posture. This helps you enjoy driving anywhere, anytime.

Ribbed Contoured

Perfect for Travel

The fleecy foam, soft velvet texture, and fitting contoured shape of our cushions make you enjoy long travels. These premium seat cushions ensure you don’t notice the fatigue and stress of long distances.


Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Based on 36 reviews
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It works!
I was having lower back tightness and pain from sitting in a home office chair all day. I decided to add some lower back support. The product is fantastic. Lots of support and the quality and sturdiness is great. Very happy with this purchase.
Comfortable but adds height
Works very well. It?s thick and adds height to the chair seat, so if you?re not tall and your chair height is not adjustable, you may also need the foot rest.
I like it helps
Gillian G.
Performs as advertised
I got one of these for my niece over a year ago when she got her first car. She is short and wanted to sit a bit higher than the car's seat would elevate. It did the job well.
Very Comfortable sear
This cushion is aaaahhhhhmazing! It is very cushy, but returns to form immediately to form, when you get uo. Ut has made my "bum" very happy! If you've been looking for cushions or perhaps purchased one and regretted it, give this one a try.
Mami D
Best Buy ever for my tailbone
I use it in the gym for the bike and to drive the car. I never have any pains anymore!!
Jan Burton
Great pillow!
I bought one for me and one for my mom and we love it. Super comfortable, soft and breathable.
It does what it is supposed to do
Overall I give this car seat pillow a big YES.
Chair cushion
This is soft and supportive.
Susan Bryce
Great back support!
Perfect for putting on the car as I drive.
Game changer
Literally. I put it on my gaming chair. The comfort is phenomenal and immediate. I thought it might be too thick. Nope. It's perfect and my butt loves it.
B. A. Canright
Best thing for your back
I love this cushion. It helps my back so much. I sit on my computer desk a long time and the pain in my back is so much better. I have stenosis so I know back pain. This is the best of all I tried
SO Comfortable! Provides great support; evenly distributes my weight
I have diminished mobility and need to sit for long periods of time. This cushion supports my body weight effectively, comfortably and securely. It does not slip out from under me like the other pillow I had. I am very pleased with this purchase!
Bran Delo
Im thinking of ordering another one for my office chair
Seems well made. Useful to flatten out my car seat that had baffles on the sides and gave me hip bursitis.
Super Comfy
Purchased these for use in really basic chairs and they turned an uncomfortable seating experience into a pleasure. Great cushion, the memory foam is dense. The carry handle makes portability very convenient
Robert Waldron
Works great
Purchased for tailbone issues and has helped immensely.
Quite nice actually
I was a bit skeptical when I first got this pillow because it's very firm but once I started using it, it really was comfortable.
Some Nerd
Super soft
I got this for my husband bc he has a bad posture while he plays video games. Now the whole family loves to use it for pretty much anything
Patrol of the Nation
Works great
Purchased for tailbone issues and has helped immensely.
Danielle Flores
Very comfortable, I am using it in the car on the driver's side