Headrest Small Pillow - Black, Red Stitching

Headrest Small Pillow - Black, Red Stiching

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Key Features & Benefits

Car seats are not designed to provide all the support and comfort you need. Prevent soreness and give your head a rest, literally, with this set of 2 ergonomic car neck pillows designed for the utmost comfort and support Great for long or short drives, these comfortable car pillows secure to the existing headrests and offer terrific cervical spine support and head relief. Choose from black, black with red trim, or gray to coordinate with your car's interior. Store these comfortable car pillows in the included plastic storage case when not in use.
  • Univeral fit
  • Elastic straps secure to car seat
  • Breathable fabric
  • Supportive cotton filling
  • Choose from black, black with red pattern trim, or gray
  • Size: 28x17cm
  • Weight 180g
Breathable Inner Cotton

Breathable Inner Cotton

This headrest pillow is covered with a fully breathable fabric. This quality makes it take in and release air very easily to avoid build up of moisture in the cotton. This enables it to remain fresh and avoid odors.

Full Premium TPU Leathe

Full Premium TPU Leather

Our headrest is made from premium TPU leather for durability. This leather is waterproof, has high tensile strength and gives a very soft sensation to the head. It is 100% non-toxic to both humans and the planet.

Comes in a Pair

Comes in a Pair

When you purchase our headrest small pillow, you will find two inside the packaging. This provides you two quality headrests; you could either use both at once or keep one for periodic use or as a replacement.

Alleviate Driving Fatigue

Alleviate Driving Fatigue

Our headrest pillow helps to relieve neck pains, reduce fatigue, and improves posture while driving. The soft and bouncy cotton provides you top-notch comfort to alleviate the stress of driving for long hours.


Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Based on 64 reviews
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Travel Pillow
I needed a neck support pillow I could fit into my carry on luggage. I ended up ordering this and cut off the straps, and it makes a perfect orthopedic pillow to travel with.
High quality neck pillow
Very soft, comfortable neck pillow! I like that you can move the strap higher or lower on the different slots in the back. It helps a lot when you want the pillow to sit differently or if you want to use it in a different car.
Bryan Go
I really like it
I love these great quality comfort and look.
Susan Langdon
I LOVE IT, my son loves it even more! I don?t have to worry about him getting sleepy and leaning over extremely uncomfortable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, over and over again!!!!
Fries is layp
A happy camper and a MUST HAVE car accessory for long drives for 3rd Gen Toyota Sienna's.
Don't believe what other reviewers say about the sides not rotating. People who did that did not install it on the car seats. They just opened the box, do a dry run and tried to rotate the sides. When you do that, it will not rotate. Why? The bracket and attachment is not secured to the headrest pillars. When you look at it at first on how the sides is attached, you will think that it will not rotate. I almost sent it back until I decided to install it to the headrest pillars. Wallah! it rotated up and down. I will never do a long drive without these headrest pillows. What a game changer. I also like the way it attaches to the headrest pillars compared to the other designs that are more expensive. I ordered 1 at first to check it out and just ordered 3 more. BUYER'S, PLEASE INSTALL THE PRODUCT TO THE HEADREST PILLARS FIRST BEFORE YOU RETURN IT BECAUSE YOU THINK IT DOES NOT ROTATE BY THE LOOKS OF THE DESIGN AND ATTACHMENT.
Great product
Took the back off my daughters booster seat. Added this to keep her from flipping around when she falls asleep. She loves it.
Perfect item
Fits my car nice, now I do not have to set my purse in the backseat.
Very useful
It was very easy to install and very useful
Sturdy and Strong
The kids in my van keep having their heads fall to the sides, and this product helps to keep it upright. Also, the sides are nicely padded and when not in use, you can pull it away and move it back by rotating the padding. Customer service is great if you have any questions!
Kenshin Hideki
A real delight
This headrest pillow provides the perfect support for those who likes to doze off in a car, as a passenger of course. So far, it's save me from a the typical aching neck when trying to sleep in a moving car. It's really easy to install this on to the support rods of headrests. It's also easy to remove when I am driving around town. If there was only a way to install this onto an airplane, seat, that would be wonderful.
Janet J.
Great neck support!
Like it but not what I was wanting
Does Exactly What You Want
Used this for both my kids on a roadtrip from the South to Canada and back. Kids were able to sleep without their neck hurting, and if I'm being honest, I used it once on vacation and can say it does exactly what I hoped it would, and it's super easy to put up and down. Great product, very clever.
Best neck support for car.
I love it, supports neck well. Easy to take off when different driver.
Anderson Haley
Neat invention!
Used this on a very long road trip and slept against it a couple times! Much better than a crick in the neck from leaning awkwardly against the window. It also matches our car's tan leather seats nicely.
It would be even better if the pads could rotate (not just up and down function) a little so as to match the slight angle of a face leaning against it.
Easy to Install
Received the item very quickly, it was easy to install, and works very well.
Gael Tonia
Love it
Easy to install and it works exactly as I hoped.
On long car rides, my daughter will have a place to rest her head. It works for her (9years old) and will work for adults too.
I can?t wait to use it. I will buy myself one too!!
Luther Evelia
Greatest thing since sliced bread!
Very comfortable and easy to install. The head rest area feels of great quality.
For the road trip snoozer
I typically sleep on road trips and this thing was a godsend! No neck pain for me, took minutes to pop in, and just soft enough so when we hit bumpy potholes I didn?t knock my head.
Ovidia Slater
Easy Installation and good quality!
Easy and Nice.
Fits perfectly on my neck. :)
Fits perfectly on my neck. :)