Retractable Sun Visor

Retractable Sun Visor

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Key Features & Benefits

Protect your little one from the heat and harmful rays of the sun with an Auto Pull Down Shade for the car window. This retractable shade is designed with a universal. Shades come with three suction cups to attach securely to a window. Sold in a package of 2 shades, you can install them on both sides of the rear windows to protect children, pets, and even upholstery. In addition, these shades can decrease the car's interior temperature by up to 10%. When it's hot and sunny out, that makes a big difference. These car roller shades are made from tear-resistant PVC netting to ensure your vision is not compromised while protecting passengers from 98% of harmful UV rays. Using one-button quick retraction, these shades roll up with ease and out of sight when not in use. Suitable for all vehicle sizes, from trucks and SUVs to hatchbacks, jeeps, and minivans. These shades measure 15.7 in x 17.7 in/40cm x 45cm.
  • Sold as a set of 2 including 6 sunction cups
  • Easy to install
  • Quick retraction with the push of a button
  • Nylon mesh material allows for visibility
  • Blocks 98% of harmful UVA rays
  • Universal fit for most vehicles
  • 15.7 in x17.7 in / 40cm x 45cm
Quick Retraction

Quick Retraction

We provide quality sun visors which can easily be retracted when not in use. Our sun visors help absorb excess UV rays to cool your car, however, it can be quickly retracted into its compact state with one touch.

Comes with Two

Comes with Two

We provide you with two retractable sun visors so you don’t have to purchase it again. This ensures you have an extra topnotch visor that you can use in combination, as a replacement, or for another car.

Suction or Clip to Window

Suction or Clip to Window

You can easily fix your visor by suction or clip to your window. This unique perk provides a dual attachment option for you and ensures a firm hold with zero pull or pressure on your window.

14 in of Shade

14 in of Shade

We limit the length of our sun visors to just 14 inches to provide maximum shade with no side effects. The span of this premium visor absorbs all excess, blinding UV rays without limiting road vision.


Customer Reviews

5/5 Based on 38 reviews
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Works Perfectly
The Suction Cups are great and haven?t fallen off. The reflector is perfect and measuring it for my car was easy and easy to cut.
Gerard Santos
Works to block the sun!
I was tired of trying to look through my hand and visor in the morning sunrise. This was easy to attach and now I can see into the sunrise without having to block it with my hand.
Raven John
Keep car nice and cool
It's a great sun shade cover. Installation is easy to do. It's blocks sun very well it does keep the car cooler. I like it because it's can be store up against the windshield and more room in the car.
Kenzo Seeta Kayode
Wonderful product
I love this! My car was getting so hot I couldn?t even use the steering wheel but since I bought this I do not have that problem anymore!
Wonderful product
Easy to install
5 stars
I am happy with this sun shade, had before the other one with very weak suction, so i bought this - with larger suction cups and better quality. 5 stars definitely
Works better than I thought it would to be honest.
The only question is how long will it last? I think as long as you?re careful with it this is a great buy. Volvo wanted much much more for theirs and it was a two month wait to get it.
Retractable shade
Works as advertised, but gets a little messy reeling it back in
Robyn White
Easy to install
My first thought was that it just can't be that easy to install. It was that easy and works as advertised. A huge improvement over my old shade.
Jed Godfrey
Wonderful product
Easy to install
Wonderful product
I love this! My car was getting so hot I couldn?t even use the steering wheel but since I bought this I do not have that problem anymore! You leave it suctioned on the windshield which I love because I do not want something I have to put away because I will not remember to take it out to use it. I highly recommend this product
Works great
Works great. No more looking for sunshade or unfolding folding.
Made a small cut out for around the rear view mirror, fits nice
I hate pulling a sun shield out of the windshield. This works great! Have had it for a couple of months and it has not fallen off the windshield yet.
Argin Torosian
Camper/rv must have
Well worth the money, it?s sturdy and the suction cups hold up for long periods of time!
Great Visor to Have
This is a really nice sunscreen visor, and I am sure it will be when summer arrives and I approach my house and the sun is glaring.
They work great except for when its real cold suction does pop of but not bad tho!
Sun visors
I thought this sunvisor would be awkward, but it seems to work great and I really love having it on the sunny days or at night when the lights are really bright.
Andres Florentino
Is easy to install
Kaeye Kaelum
Wonderful product
Easy to install
I love the item
Super easy to install! I?ve had sun shades before but they are so freakin painfully cumbersome that I end up not using them. I have had mine for a few months and use it every-single-day! I live in FL where you can?t put your bare legs on the car seat because it?s so hot? this thing really works!!! My car is actually bearable when opening the door on a hot day.