3in1 Emergency Escape Tool - Orange

Trident Escape Hammer

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Key Features & Benefits

Be prepared for any eventuality with an Emergency Escape Tool. For example, this tool can quickly break the glass for a safe escape in a vehicle submersion or fire. This multi-use tool can break glass, cut through a seat belt, and hammer away. If the seatbelts do not unlock, the sharp blade can cut through all passenger's seatbelts allowing for a quick escape. In the event of a fire or water hazard, the safety hammer can break the glass with the sharp tip, and the flat end can knock out any remaining jagged glass. Install this safety hammer in the car with the included screw or hold it in place with double-sided adhesive. In case of emergency, you should always keep this safety hammer within easy reach of the driver.
  • Size 210g
  • 0.2 lb head
  • Available in Black or Orange
  • 3-in-1 multifunction tool
  • Cuts through seat belts
  • Break auto glass
Heavy Alloy Tip

Heavy Alloy Tip

This premium Triton Escape tool has a heavy alloy striking tip. This comes in really handy when you’re stuck because it can break glass and obstructions within seconds. It is rust-resistant and has high durability.

Safety Black Seatbelt Cutter

Safety Black Seatbelt Cutter

Our black Triton escape tool comes with a sharp cutter in case your seatbelt gets stuck during an emergency. It has an easily removed cover clip to ensure it remains razor-sharp and is only exposed when needed.

Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape

This escape tool is equipped and wrapped stylishly with reflective tape for easy recognition in the dark. Due to its high reflective ability, this tape helps you locate the tool for quick use during an emergency.

3 in 1 Breaker, Cutter, and Hammer

3 in 1 Breaker, Cutter, and Hammer

Our quality Triton Escape is fully equipped with its three-in-one feature. It bears a breaker to shatter glasses, a cutter to make way through entangling ropes and seatbelts, and a hammer to break obstacles.


Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Based on 37 reviews
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A 'MUST-HAVE' For ALL Car Owners!
This tool can be used not only to break glass windows but also to cut seatbelts. Its crafted from high-grade carbon steel to ensure the glass will break as well as a razor sharp blade to cut through seatbelt material. Its colored bright orange so it can easily be spotted in an emergency situation.
Kathy Jackson
Simple implement for safety
Bright color, simple tool. I put velcro on it and in the car so it wouldn't fly around if an accident. Reachable for driver or passenger if still near their seats after a problem.
Gel The Pretty
Came with a practice piece of glass and it definitely works? I shattered glass all over my room hahaha
Makayla Velazquez
I liked the quality
Gel The Pretty
Came with a practice piece of glass and it definitely works? I shattered glass all over my room hahaha
This better save my life when used
I hope that I'm never in a situation that will require me to use it but I'm glad to have it on me.
Hanabi Shibiki
I May Be Paranoid, But Now I am Prepared
I hope that I am never in a situation where I have to use the Resqme tool. But I feel better knowing that it is in my car........and two other family members' cars.
Donna M. Snow
Must have for vehicle safety
I bought one for everyone in my family to install in the car. Put it somewhere that it won?t be displaced in the event of a crash or rollover, that?s easy to reach from the driver seat.
Very good
Very good
Gray Hawke
Better quality than I expected!!
I was surprised at the quality of them. I ordered a couple to check them out before placing a bigger order for more.
The bracket holds very tight. The tool won't get loose and fall out.
Overall...a good product for the price!!
That we will be safer
This is part of a stocking stuffer so have no opinion yet
Good item and price
Bought this just to keep in the car. Seems good and sturdy.
Jeremy Lemington
Must have...
These work great and are one of the best things to have with you. One tip though... some higher end cars now have plastic laminated side glass and you will only crack the glass and can't get through.. ask me how I know... either way I own 2 sets
Jason Stevan
Nice product
Nice product
Sunny side up
Help within easy reach.
I like that this is lightweight and will be where you can access if you need to.
Great Value for a Life-Saving Tool
Living in an island with roadways next to the ocean, I had to buy this set to give my family a better chance at surviving a water vehicle crash. Small and light enough to not place excessive strain on car ignition switch.
As expected
Haven't had to use it yet. Hope I never do. Hopefully it works when I need it to!
John G in NC
The right tool(s) for the occasion
Compact - stores in door pocket or glove box. Perfectly suited and provides peace of mind in case it is ever needed.
Ray Holmes
Love it
Love this! I keep it in my car at all times. Very good price for all the uses it has all in one!
Jin Takahashi
Safety First
urchase this for me and my young adult children. I pray we never have to use this device but their safety is most important!