Headrest Small Pillow - Black

Headrest Small Pillow - Black

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Key Features & Benefits

Car seats are not designed to provide all the support and comfort you need. Prevent soreness and give your head a rest, literally, with this set of 2 ergonomic car neck pillows designed for the utmost comfort and support Great for long or short drives, these comfortable car pillows secure to the existing headrests and offer terrific cervical spine support and head relief. Choose from black, black with red trim, or gray to coordinate with your car's interior. Store these comfortable car pillows in the included plastic storage case when not in use.
  • Univeral fit
  • Elastic straps secure to car seat
  • Breathable fabric
  • Supportive cotton filling
  • Choose from black, black with red pattern trim, or gray
  • Size: 28x17cm
  • Weight 180g
Breathable Inner Cotton

Breathable Inner Cotton

This headrest pillow is covered with a fully breathable fabric. This quality makes it take in and release air very easily to avoid build up of moisture in the cotton. This enables it to remain fresh and avoid odors.

Full Premium TPU Leathe

Full Premium TPU Leather

Our headrest is made from premium TPU leather for durability. This leather is waterproof, has high tensile strength and gives a very soft sensation to the head. It is 100% non-toxic to both humans and the planet.

Comes in a Pair

Comes in a Pair

When you purchase our headrest small pillow, you will find two inside the packaging. This provides you two quality headrests; you could either use both at once or keep one for periodic use or as a replacement.

Alleviate Driving Fatigue

Alleviate Driving Fatigue

Our headrest pillow helps to relieve neck pains, reduce fatigue, and improves posture while driving. The soft and bouncy cotton provides you top-notch comfort to alleviate the stress of driving for long hours.


Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Based on 63 reviews
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Megan S
Great purchase
Our kiddos have out grown the high back booster seats. However, when they fall asleep their heads kept falling over. These are great to rest your head on. (The adults love them too). They were easy to assemble & install. Also, we can switch them from car to car with ease.
Trina Labonte
Almost Exactly what I was looking for.
Didn't fit my Subaru Forester Sport but fit my Mazda CX5 perfectly so worked out. So far so good.
Neat invention!
Used this on a very long road trip and slept against it a couple times! Much better than a crick in the neck from leaning awkwardly against the window. It also matches our car's tan leather seats nicely.
Flaviana Yuko
Love it!
I drive a mini and sometimes long trips are very uncomfortable for my kids. This worked so well? easy to put together and made the whole trip more tolerable!!!
Great for big kids
My kid love it he is to big for the car seat so now he used the booster and sometimes takes naps in the car. This is great for him because it holds his head so he can rest.
Armando Membreno
No pain!
I just tried this for a long road trip as I tend to fall asleep in uncomfortable positions. But this made it so much better! I was supported without being in pain.
Andy Samanse
Exactly what I needed for my son. It's so easy to adjust and gives him excellent support. His head doesn't fall forward or side to side anymore. Awesome product!
Vince Mittleman
Good Support
Worked well. Very comfortable.
Bulilyaso Alan
Super nice for long road trips!
Used this for a 10 HOUR trip with my partner and I, I really liked the stability and the fact that I wasn't hurting my neck at all. Definitely great for the price, putting together took maybe 2 or 3 minutes.
Vanessa B.
Great neck support
We travel a lot and i am super happy i purchased these, as the privide Great support for my kids
Neck Support
I?m not sure how to make this product any better! I love it! No more having to squish my purse on the floorboard next to the passenger! Perfect buy!
Fit's the head of my recliner perfectly. Surprise bonus: Regular pillows cause audio feedback in hearing aides. This pillow lifts head but does not wrap around ears, so no feedback.
Fit's the head of my recliner perfectly. Surprise bonus: Regular pillows cause audio feedback in hearing aides. This pillow lifts head but does not wrap around ears, so no feedback.
Great Product, I?m hooked.
Definitely a keeper. Love the pillow supports for neck when driving.
Sara Lorrai
once you realize that the directions are as confusing as they are helpful ? don?t say that spring needs to be compressed for firm fit, but you should be able to figure that out.
once installed it seems to be fine, unobtrusive when not in use, thumbs up.
Apple Hattie
Great for Passenger
Great for passengers who likes to sleep/Relax during car rides and trips.
Liam Olivia
Super nice
This was easy to install and i love that i can be folded up and down. This keeps my kids upright if they fall asleep on longer drives or road trips so that their seatbelts are in the correct placement. I will be ordering a few more.
Great for car seat to booster seat transition!
Moving my daughter from a full car seat to booster but she still falls asleep in the car so I bought this and it helps big time. Thinking about ordering 1 or 2 more for other seats in the vehicle that my older children and adults sit in.
Alli Master
Very good for my neck & shoulder pain
I love the cushion right in the place where the pain usually sets in. It gives me relief from strain of leaning forward to drive. I love that there are 2 also .
Enjoying on line shopping
Works great
I attached this neck pillow headrest to my recliner and it works great and it?s so soft
Great product!
Works Great for older kids too. Wish they made one for a wheelchair too.