Standard Classic™ Custom Car Cover

1-Tone: Sold Gray Color

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Customized to fit your car model.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof for year-round protection.
  • Double-action scratch-proof surface: It does not scratch and prevents scratches.
  • Air vents to ensure condensed moisture and heat can be removed.
  • Easy to clean: just flip to get all the dust and dirt off it.
  • Lightweight, durable, and soft cotton material.
  • 100% UV rays reflective; zero cracks and zero paint fading.
  • Best cover fabric available: durable and completely interwoven meshwork for water repulsion.
  • 30-day return policy and a lifetime warranty.
  • Elastic hems for easy application and removal.
We know you have no control over changes in weather conditions, so our covers provide total protection in any weather.
Our covers contain four distinct layers of protection and are resistant to scratches from kids and external factors.
UV & Heat Protection
To prevent overheating and fading of paintwork, our covers have a premium reflective surface that wards off UV rays.
Damp Protection
Our covers have breathable fibers, which provides an easy-dry function whenever it gets wet or soggy from rain or dew.
Hail, Storm, and Snow Protector
Coverland covers provide a warm and protective hug for your car regardless of the strength of the storm or blizzard.
Dust and Abrasion Protection
The interwoven meshwork of our cover fabric makes it very durable and impenetrable to dust and dirt particles.
100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

Totally Waterproof To All Liquids

Coverland’s special waterproof layer is second to none. Experts in the field help manufacture finely knitted fibers to prevent any liquid from reaching vital parts of your engine to cause rust and malfunction.

Fully UV Protective Exterior Surface

100% UV Protection and Heat Resistance

The presence of a complete UV-protective exterior guards against the rays of the sun on very hot days. This feature helps to totally prevent your cars from overheating and avoid cracks and paint fading.

100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

Close and Secure Fitting

The elastic hems and detachable buckle straps give this cover a stretchy quality. With this, you can ensure a secure fitting for your car; no more covers with flabby looks as this gives it a tight hug.

100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

Easy to use - 30 seconds application

This car cover helps solve the hassle of trying to use your car cover with its 30 seconds application feature. The elastic hems at the front and back of the cover aid easy usage; on learning how to use it.

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Customer Reviews

4.3/5 Based on 994 reviews
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exceeded expectations, easy on and off...good quality
Arrived very quick...Very good quality, every easy to put on and take off....I haven't had it very long so I can't comment on seems very well made. sun proof too.
Randy Thudin
Great quality car cover that both is winter weather repellent and easy to put on.
Works great
Great protection from rain and wind. The side zipper makes it very easy to put on and take off my Tiguan. Very lightweight but still waterproof. All around a very good cover.
Karen Russell
High quality car cover, fits our old Jeep Cherokee
Our former car cover had fallen apart, so I was in search of one that would fit our 1986 Jeep Cherokee. This one is high quality and fits quite nicely. I am very glad we made this purchase. Now why my husband insists on keeping this old Jeep, is another question, lol. But now it's well covered, at least! :)
Thomas Christo
Five Stars
Great value for the price
I bought this cover on May18, 2020. As of today May11, 2021 the cover is ripping at the back that covers the trunk of the car and a few other places. Really disappointed that the cover is coming apart after almost one year of use.This cover is removed from the car once maybe twice a week, yet the cover is shredding and coming apart at the seams as if its removed from the car everyday.Disappointed as now I have to replace the cover.
Mark M.
It's set up to take windy days!
Awesome cover.
Jacqueline Stephens-Odom
This car cover does NOT Repel WATER
I ordered this car cover to protect my SUV from the weather, dust and pollen. I live in Central Florida and we had torrential rain last evening (04/11/21). When I removed the cover from my car it soaking wet. I wouldn't have ordered this item, had I not been led to believe that it would protect my vehicle from the elements.
Perfect size!
Fits perfectly on my Jaguar XJL!!
We?ve had this cover for 4 months and it had worked well through the rainy season in Florida, but truthfully i did NOT expect it to make it through hurricane Ian last week. We are in venice fl and had winds of 140+ mph. Not only did it not blow off but it was only mildly damp in the back. That?s impressive
KT Cole
2007 Lexus ES350 and it fit perfect!
I wasn't sure until it arrived and we put it on the car. It's sturdy and lightweight. It rained yesterday so yes it is waterproof. It's windy right now and has been all day. The two black straps for front and back end plus the elastic similar to a fitted sheet makes this cover secure. Comes with a lock for extra security. we haven't tried that yet. But yes I think I will purchase another one.
Fits my Nissan Altima perfectly
22 Altima and it fits perfectly and was completely dry after rain.
armen simonian
my review
it keeps my car clean.
For the price! Great quality
This car cover is not lined, so be aware, the cover could likely smear the paint on your car.
This cover is a stiffer plastic fabric that will likely smear the paint on your car. I went to privateto return it, and it looks like I missed the return window. I was under the impression that the RETURNS WINDOW IS 60 DAYS...??At any rate, be aware, there is no inner lining on this car cover.
Size is not correct
Too small although the dimensions on the product is same as the dimension on my suv. Not good
Too small for Jeep Wrangler unlimited
I got this product after a quick search. The description states it would fit a Jeep Wrangler. As you can see, it didn't cover the whole car. It would try a bigger size if you plan to cover entirely your JLU. I drive a 2019 JLU Sahara.
Kenneth A. Toombs
This fit my 2015 Honda Accord perfectly. We had a pretty god wind one night and it stayed put.
Paul Ryan
Good fit and straps keep it in place
Cover fits great and the straps keep it in place
Unhappy customer
Item did not fit as described when ordered specifically for my vehicle