Standard Classic™ Custom Car Cover

1-Tone: Sold Gray Color

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Customized to fit your car model.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof for year-round protection.
  • Double-action scratch-proof surface: It does not scratch and prevents scratches.
  • Air vents to ensure condensed moisture and heat can be removed.
  • Easy to clean: just flip to get all the dust and dirt off it.
  • Lightweight, durable, and soft cotton material.
  • 100% UV rays reflective; zero cracks and zero paint fading.
  • Best cover fabric available: durable and completely interwoven meshwork for water repulsion.
  • 30-day return policy and a lifetime warranty.
  • Elastic hems for easy application and removal.
We know you have no control over changes in weather conditions, so our covers provide total protection in any weather.
Our covers contain four distinct layers of protection and are resistant to scratches from kids and external factors.
UV & Heat Protection
To prevent overheating and fading of paintwork, our covers have a premium reflective surface that wards off UV rays.
Damp Protection
Our covers have breathable fibers, which provides an easy-dry function whenever it gets wet or soggy from rain or dew.
Hail, Storm, and Snow Protector
Coverland covers provide a warm and protective hug for your car regardless of the strength of the storm or blizzard.
Dust and Abrasion Protection
The interwoven meshwork of our cover fabric makes it very durable and impenetrable to dust and dirt particles.
100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

Totally Waterproof To All Liquids

Coverland’s special waterproof layer is second to none. Experts in the field help manufacture finely knitted fibers to prevent any liquid from reaching vital parts of your engine to cause rust and malfunction.

Fully UV Protective Exterior Surface

100% UV Protection and Heat Resistance

The presence of a complete UV-protective exterior guards against the rays of the sun on very hot days. This feature helps to totally prevent your cars from overheating and avoid cracks and paint fading.

100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

Close and Secure Fitting

The elastic hems and detachable buckle straps give this cover a stretchy quality. With this, you can ensure a secure fitting for your car; no more covers with flabby looks as this gives it a tight hug.

100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

Easy to use - 30 seconds application

This car cover helps solve the hassle of trying to use your car cover with its 30 seconds application feature. The elastic hems at the front and back of the cover aid easy usage; on learning how to use it.

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Customer Reviews

4.3/5 Based on 994 reviews
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5 star ??
The best product
R Russell
Not even close to what was described
This is supposed to be weather-proof cover with clasps at the front and back and a zippered door opening for easy access. We received an obviously used (still dirty) cloth type material cover with a few pieces of twine tied to a few eyelets and no door opening whatsoever. It's not that it is defective, it is the fact that there is nothing other than the color and size that match the description.... assuming the size is correct since there was no reason to try and actually put it on the car.
Jerry Pope
Great deal
Excellent value for the money. Fit very nicely
Didn?t fit
I measured; I read; i researched - but when the cover arrived, it didn?t fit. It was too small by about 2 feet.
Works great
Fits a 96 impala great just have to fold one the mirrors very durable and water resistance
Light and easy to manage
light and easy to cover. Great value.
diana ivanova
Just as described!
Great product, fits perfectly.
jeannette lloyd
Awesome car cover ever fit like a glove
I?m so impressed with your product it is fantastic had a major storm with 50 m/a/h winds it stayed on even with out the ties
pretty good product
The perfect cover!
This cover is perfect!! It fit our Murano perfectly. It is made of quality, durable fabric. It is holding up well to wind, rain and 95 degree heat. It has a handy zipper to get into the driver?s door without removing the cover. My brother was so impressed with it that he ordered one for his car!
It fit my 1997 Land Cruiser pretty well, as seen in the photograph
The zippered door is a nice feature since it's a little awkward to get it onto a SUV this large and would be a bit of a pain to have to take it off entirely to get at the owner's manual in the glove box. It's a bit of an odd textured fabric, and it's too early to say whether it's going to perform well over time or not. So my five-star review is only related to a decent fit for my vehicle and the door access.
Product runs small
Seems like a well constructed product, but did not test durability/function. WARNING: product runs small. Does not fit SUV 188" in length, despite range indicating fit up to 195
Brandon's mom.
Lock does not work.
The lock does not work, it didn't come with instructions, I found them on Amazon. I had several people try, it was no use. I contacted the seller who sent me a link with the directions that we had already followed.We have not had the cover long enough to give a review but it does keep the inside of the car cooler which was the purpose of the purchase.
Poor Quality!!!
I was very upset I bought this item for my boyfriend as a Christmas present I dislike this item because the first time he used it the strap came apart from the cover. Unfortunately I couldn't tell you anything else about this cover Besides the Poor quality. Due to the fact that we could not use it !!??
william phillpott
I am very satisfied
I am very satisfied with this cover it will do a very good job of protecting my car's finish from the elements.
C and J Woodtechs
Dosen't fit
The mirrors don't match up to the cover pockets, The door zipper doesn't line up to the door.
Good coverage. Eady to put ion
Very easy for one person to put on and off. Had this waiting when brought home my brand new Equinox. Really like my " portable garage".
Awesome car cover
Probably the best car cover that I have bought in a while. Very good quality so far, extremely light for its size and it fits like a glove.
Melissa Dieppa
No gustar
No le serbio a mi carro supuestamente eras para carro toyota venza pero no le serbio para nada
Way oversized for the car. The fit guide is way off.