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1-Tone: Sold Gray Color

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Fully airy and breathable to avoid moisture retention.
  • Custom-fit and tailored for your specification.
  • Completely waterproof and snowproof; interwoven meshwork to repel any form of water.
  • 100% UV resistant to prevent fading, overheating, and malfunctioning.
  • Efficient and exclusive fabric picked and manufactured by experts.
  • Lightweight yet durable: can be easily fixed, removed, and transported.
  • Elastic hems for easy fit; this ensures it grips your vehicle tightly.
  • Fleecy internal material to prevent scratches on your paint.
  • Free and fast shipping within 2 to 3 days.
  • 10 Year Warranty on fair use.
We know you have no control over changes in weather conditions, so our covers provide total protection in any weather.
Our covers contain four distinct layers of protection and are resistant to scratches from kids and external factors.
UV & Heat Protection
To prevent overheating and fading of paintwork, our covers have a premium reflective surface that wards off UV rays.
Damp Protection
Our covers have breathable fibers, which provides an easy-dry function whenever it gets wet or soggy from rain or dew.
Hail, Storm, and Snow Protector
Coverland covers provide a warm and protective hug for your car regardless of the strength of the storm or blizzard.
Dust and Abrasion Protection
The interwoven meshwork of our cover fabric makes it very durable and impenetrable to dust and dirt particles.
100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

100% Weatherproof

This cover will be guarded in every weather with specially built-in structures. Your car is guaranteed protection from the environment during snowstorms, hailstorms, and heavy winds.

Fully UV Protective Exterior Surface

Fully UV Protective
Exterior surface

The presence of a complete UV-protective exterior guards against the rays of the sun on very hot days. This feature helps to totally prevent your cars from overheating and avoid cracks and paint fading.

100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

Close And Secure Fitting

The elastic hems and detachable buckle straps give this cover a stretchy quality. With this, you can ensure a secure fitting for your car; no more covers with flabby looks as this gives it a tight hug.

100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

Breathable To Release Heat

Premium air pouches prevent the accumulation of moisture and excess heat to help make this cover breathable. With this feature, you can prevent corrosion and car malfunction from prolonged moisture contact.

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Customer Reviews

4.5/5 Based on 772 reviews
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Lo compre para regalo
Lo compre para regalo,cuando tengas m?s informaci?n lo actualizo
Coverland arrived as promised!!
Product fits car.. However the description of mirrors fitting in the holes was totally off by about 4inches..
CoverLand 10-Layer Waterproof Car Cover fit well
I purchased and it fit my 1997 Toyota Avalon very well. It looks durable but we will see how well it holds up over time.
Callen Pool Supply
Just received this cover for my 2013 Ford Edge. First, it fits pretty well. Second, for those who were duped into thinking this was made of some type of cotton fabric and has multiple layers? it isn't it's basically two layers of some type of plastic with a cotton like inner backing. This is the third car cover I've ordered from private, and there all nothing but a Chinese made mis-representative crap.
Tori B.Tori B.
Quality Material well made
Excellent quality material, very well made and very well sewn too, now I'm going to test it to see how it resists weather changes and then post a new review. plus it fits like a glove. just make sure you look for the right code for your car model and year.
good quality lightweight
Happy with Purchase
Just received this product yesterday. So, can't comment on durability or other features. However, it is well made, fits my car perfectly and was easy to put on. So far very happy with this purchase!
Ms. Stone
Durable shiny material repels UV and hot sun, much cooler inside car.
Excellent value, easy to install.
Susan Parker
Perfect Fit!
Perfect! This is exactly what I needed! I like that I'm able to access the driver side of the car without removing the entire cover.
Timothy Jackson
Fits great
This thing is huge! But it unfolded very nicely and I put it on by myself in my cramped garage before I went on a trip. Fits my 2022 Subaru outback XT perfectly and was very easy to put on and takeoff. I like the elasticized band around the bottom I feel like it would stay on my car without the straps. I'm glad I bought it.
Actually fit, like seller said it would!
This cover was so easy to install, as long as you follow the instructions. Took about five minutes. I bought it, mainly, to keep my car protected from the bird poop of a swarm of birds that were roosting in a tree near my parking space. The birds literally COVERED it, one night. That did it!
John Karasaki
Awesome product
This is awesome product. My Brandnew Suv toyota Highlander is always outside this is perfect fit and Quality is top notch .The cover looked really good when i got it and never blown off!!The strap do thier job . I definitely recommend this cover ,one happy customer cannot wait to purchase for my other car
Mark Roman
Fits my KIA perfectly
It was a little difficult to find the tag marked 'front' , but thankful they had the tag, and once I found it, getting it on my SUV was a cinch!!I haven't had it on my vehicle for more than a day now, but so far, so good! It looks great, and feels durable. I bought it to protect my car from cat scratches, since there are cats that like to jump on my car.
Outdoor Dog
Car cover
It the size for my car. It a good material i like it a lotThanks
great cover
five stars for everything with this cover. light weight but the feel is classy like rubberized cloth. you feel that it is indeed multi layer although i dont know how i could verify it is really 10 layers (lol).i bought 2 size up from the regular one stated in chart bcz my car have aftermarket spoiler, diffuser, sideskirt, rear side canards, spaced wheel that makes the suggested size small. cover has built in snapon straps for front and back with 1 removable in the middle that prevents it from being blown off by wind. The picture attached shows the newly pulled cover out of the vaccum sealed bag thats why its wrinkled but it fits great like custom made. My car is camaro 2015. Very responsive and detailed customer service, very good and reliable company backing up their cover for 18 months. I just hope this warranty of such long period for the product wont be abused by some. Lets all help this kind of company flourish as they give us product that meets or even exceed our expectations.
michael v. messier
Fantastic customer service!
Love this car cover and knowing my car is being protected from the elements (and the birds -- geez!). I had to contact the seller and they got back to me and solved my issue quickly. Can't say enough good things about their responsiveness.
. Like it very much.
Great, taut fit. Soft, pliable material and stitching looks like it will last. Straps are plenty long enough. Like it very much!
Sammie Menton
Fits great, good qualityfi
Fits great looks great good quality
Fits Car really well and looks good.
Fits my car great and looks really well. Like the fact that it has the easy tie downs to keep the cover on in windy conditions.
Veronica HallVeronica Hall
Excellent cover - doesn't get moisture underneath
I've bought MANY car covers and this one has been by far the best. Not too heavy and doesn't get condensation underneath. Protects from UV and rain equally well.