Premium Plus™ Custom Car Cover

Stripe: Black & Gray Color

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Top-notch dual-stitched fabrics.
  • 100% waterproof and snowproof meshwork; no liquids allowed through.
  • Super fast evaporation properties, have all liquids gone in little to no time.
  • Hassle-free washing involved. Do you have bird droppings and stains on it? Very easy to wash.
  • Four-layered protection scheme.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Portable Storage Bag: Easy to fold, pack and use anywhere.
  • Custom fit: hugs your vehicle like a coat and makes it look smart.
  • Available in a variety of colors with two expressive tones.
  • UV rays reflective; zero accumulation of heat.
We know you have no control over changes in weather conditions, so our covers provide total protection in any weather.
Our covers contain four distinct layers of protection and are resistant to scratches from kids and external factors.
UV & Heat Protection
To prevent overheating and fading of paintwork, our covers have a premium reflective surface that wards off UV rays.
Damp Protection
Our covers have breathable fibers, which provides an easy-dry function whenever it gets wet or soggy from rain or dew.
Hail, Storm, and Snow Protector
Coverland covers provide a warm and protective hug for your car regardless of the strength of the storm or blizzard.
Dust and Abrasion Protection
The interwoven meshwork of our cover fabric makes it very durable and impenetrable to dust and dirt particles.
100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

100% Waterproof

& 100% Weatherproof

The premium meshwork provides a very large surface area and total waterproof quality. This special fabric prevents water entry, rust and malfunction; it keeps the cover dry when water comes in contact with it.

Fully UV Protective Exterior Surface

Fully UV Protective
Exterior surface

The presence of a complete UV-protective exterior guards against the rays of the sun on very hot days. This feature helps to totally prevent your cars from overheating and avoid cracks and paint fading.

100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

Fully Tailored

Stretchy front and back hems help to enhance the grip of this cover on your car and ensure a tight custom fit. With this component, you can easily apply our cover over your car without any hassle - fit the front hem, drag it over, and you're done.

100% Waterproof & 100% weatherproof

Lifetime Warranty

On fair usage, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our covers. You can not find the quality of our products elsewhere; we know how durable they can get, and that’s why we offer an unbeatable warranty on them.

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Customer Reviews

4.7/5 Based on 1935 reviews
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Danny Boy
Will save your paint job
I average one car cover a year , I Have purchased three in a row, preserves my paint and upholstery
Homer Pena
Fits like a glove!
Heavy duty quality!
Diantha Caldwell
Does protect from the sun
Not as thick as I thought.
Orlando Smith
Good Car Cover
Good material and fits car well.
Good quality
So far so good! Haven't had any problems with it.
Indoor and out door king
Material little thin but works well for indoor use which is what I'm using it for so we'll see how long it lasts being used in garage. Overall can't beat the price and next day delivery
Love it
Me encanta, pues es bastante fuerte y mantiene mi carro fresco y limpio
lee t
will not be disapointed when purchased
this product far exceeded my expectations both in quality and price. the best i have purchased out of 3 different covers.
Great buy
This cover fits perfectly over my Audi TT... Not sure about water resistant, because I just got it.
Blair D. Samuelson
Very affordable way to cover rafts
We use the car cover to cover our rafts and the work great. They last 5 years with constant use
Barry Downing
Easy to install
I have only had the car cover for a few days but seems to work well. The size fits the car perfectly and was easy to install.
M. Davis
Great Inside Car Cover
This makes an excellent inside car cover. Light weight. Provides light and dust protection. Not sure given it's weight it would make a good outside cover?
You will like this cover, good buy
Better then I expected or hoped for, well made and fits great on the car my son is restoring, someday ;-)
Michael Bui
Five Stars
Great price and decent quality, you get what you pay for
Happy in Ohio
I bought this for a ping pong table
I bought this to protect an outdoor ping pong table from the elements. Ping pong table covers really suck I thought why not get a big car cover and see if it works better. Much, much better.
... use this cover as a boat cover it works fine for what I need
I use this cover as a boat cover it works fine for what I need ,I wanted something to keep the leaves from falling into the boat at the same time letting rain water seep through,this does the job.
Merry FarleyMerry Farley
Fits my baby niceeeee!!!!
Great price & works perfect!!
Jarely Garcia
They are great for the price
Improved design and installation
This is a very snug elastic-border car cover. The underside of each corner is equipped with a pair of 2 straps that fasten to each other crosswise hook-and-loop under the bumper. The previous cover disintegrated to shreds (carport parking, no sun) so hopefully this fabric is improved too. That cover was like a bedspread (and you had to tie it on by throwing a line under the car and tying a knot in it) and then slam each side in the cardoor to keep it from lifting off in a breeze. This cover is more like a shower cap, let's hope that it is. Thank you!
John H
Above and Beyond - Great Design
Fits like a glove. Click-on straps in front, middle and back under car. Comes with spare parts and a case to place when not in use. The three point straps are great for windy days. Really happy. Highly recommend.